History and Background of The Cardiology Department

Istanbul Medeniyet University, Department of Cardiology inpatient services, which has started to serve in 2012, include the Coronary Care Unit providing a total of 6 beds and a Cardiology ward providing a total of 12 beds. The cardiology team consists of 2 professors, 2 associate professors, 3 assistant professors, and 2 consultant cardiologists. With the establishment of Educational Clinics, our university has undertaken the mission of raising students in addition to health services.

            In Merdivenköy outpatient clinics, electrocardiography (ECG), echocardiography, stress echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography, treadmill exercise stress testing, ambulatory rhythm holter monitoring, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, myocardial perfusion scintigraphy are provided.

            In our department, coronary angiography (24 hours/7 days), percutaneous coronary intervention, right heart catheterization, peripheral vascular intervention, percutaneous device implantation (ASD-VSD-PDA), temporary and permanent pacemaker implantation are able to be performed.

            The Electrophysiology study, and cardiac ablations, transfemoral aortic valve implantation will be performed as soon as the necessary conditions are provided.

Our Mission:

Our mission is based on the ethical principles of the employees in our clinic, using the latest knowledge and technology, scientifically-equipped, reliable, open to innovations, leading to international standards in education, training, research, development, and health service, setting standards in every field of medicine to be a pioneering health institution offering solutions, to train scientists who actively use all the facilities of modern medicine and develop effective treatment.

            In addition, with the medical staff serving with academic values and competent staffs  to maximize the satisfaction of patients receiving treatment from our unit and to ensure that they benefit from the current treatment facilities to become a world-class university hospital.


Education and Training:

Istanbul Medeniyet University, Department of Cardiology to educate good physicians who adopt lifelong learning, open to evidence-based knowledge and innovation, adhere to universal ethical values, adopt teamwork, respect the rights of patients and health care workers, comprehend, prevent, produce solutions and pioneer health promotion at all levels.

Our mission for residency training in our department is to train cardiologists, who are equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes that know and overcome the health problems, able to practice medicine and management in health institutions, apply them by observing the ethical rules of the profession, are constantly investigating and questioning themselves, renewing and improving themselves at international level.

In this context, we provide our residents theoretical and practical training in accordance with the Expertise Training Program determined by the Turkish Society of Cardiology Qualification Board. Our department has also started an international Cardiology residency program in Somaliland. There are 5 of Cardiology Residents from Somaliland are that are currently being trained in this program. After completing the residency, they will get a title of cardiologist and will be able to serve their country.

Clinical research is supported in our clinic and scientific studies are planned to be accepted internationally.

In order to pioneer the spread of preventive health services in Turkey, which is lacking basic; In collaboration with experienced physicians consisting of family medicine, nutrition and dietitian experts and sports physiology, the establishment of training units aimed at raising awareness of health workers and society is pioneered. In addition, seminars are organized for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases within the framework of training programs.


Outpatient Clinics:

In Merdivenköy outpatient clinic, our faculty members and specialist physicians actively provide outpatient services.

In our department, we have;

6 of outpatient exam rooms,

2 of Treadmill stress test equipment,

4 of Echocardiography machines,

1 of hand-held El Echocardiographymachine,

10 of24-h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring systems,

10 of 24-h ambulatory rhythm monitoring systems.