13 Eylül 2019

Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Medicine Department of Ophthalmology was established in 2012. Our department still serves in the Ophthalmology Clinic of Training and Research Hospital, which provides assistant training as a Training Clinic since 1991 within the framework of a common use protocol with the Ministry of Health.

Our clinic provides education and health services with 16 beds on the first floor of the central hospital, a local and a general operating room, polyclinic rooms, subspecialties in Merdivenköy campus, retina imaging unit and anterior segment imaging unit.

In our department, training activities are conducted every week on Friday mornings. Each week, non-stop training activities are carried out in the form of case presentations, literature abstracts, seminars and conferences.

The subspecialties of our clinic and the services provided are as follows:

Glaucoma: Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment, trabeculectomy, glaucoma shunt applications, etc.

Retina: Diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases such as retinal detachment, inherited and acquired retinal diseases, vascular diseases of the retina, age-related macular degeneration

Cataract - Refractive Surgery: Diagnosis and treatment of corneal diseases, keratoconus treatment, corneal transplantation (keratoplasty) applications

Uvea: Diagnosis and treatment of ocular involvement of uveitis and Behçet's disease

Strabismus - Pediatric Ophthalmology: Strabismus, ambliopia, congenital cataract, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric eye diseases

Oculoplastic: Diagnosis and treatment of eyelid and orbital diseases and cancers, aesthetic eyelid surgeries and ptosis surgery

Ocular Oncology:

Eye tumors can develop in the eyelid, eyeball and orbit where the eyeball is located. The eyelid tumor is easy to notice because of being visible