Our Mission / Vision
17 Ocak 2019


To be a pioneer organization that provides patient and employee safety in all health services, always respects patient rights, educates qualified and qualified medical personnel, continuously improves and renews itself, patient-oriented and performance-based dynamics.

To provide protective and curative health services to the society with qualified and expert staff at the highest level reached by medicine in a widespread and integrated structure, regardless of religion, language, race and gender in appropriate economic conditions.

Supporting the development of new knowledge and practices in all areas of health by enabling academic studies and scientific research in the field of health sciences.

To educate the leading experts of our country by using modern technology and methods in specialization education ..

To contribute to universal science with research in the field of health.


Our aim is to become a leading university hospital which maintains our reputation in the health sector by continuously improving our qualified health services with our medical staff and competent employees who serve according to international accreditation standards.


Patient safety is our priority.

Effective and quality patient care and treatment is our goal.

We carry out all our practices in accordance with the principles of respect for ethical values, scientific, innovation and continuous improvement.

Our aim is to become an internationally preferred institution in research, education and health services.

We question ourselves with a system that can be measured and evaluated.

We create professional development and continuing education opportunities for our Human Resources.

It is our social responsibility to be reliable and transparent in the education and health services we offer and to ensure continuity.


  • We will be a leading education and research hospital that performs firsts in our country which serves according to international accreditation standards.
  • With the new hospital complex, the level of excellence in medical services, the determination to create satisfaction of patient and patient relatives, qualified team and contemporary infrastructure, with leading practices; Creating a model in Turkey and aims to become one of the referenced academic medical institutions in the world.
  •  The purpose of our hospital is to meet the health needs of the beneficiaries and to ensure a healthier life. For this purpose, we aim to provide the highest quality, evidence-based and international standards at every stage of medical services.
  • With the support of integration with Medeniyet University in Health Sciences; on the one hand, we will continually train our team in order to maintain and improve our medical service quality while trying to raise the public awareness of maintaining a healthy life.
  •  We will monitor the satisfaction of the patients receiving service from our hospital systematically and we will use the results we obtained to improve the services we offer.
  • By maintaining a balance between social benefits and service costs, we will manage our efficiency effectively and ensure that our services are presented in appropriate conditions without compromising our high quality.
  • We will provide better service to our country people by using the latest technological opportunities, diagnosis and treatment methods.
  •  It will be an institution in which our experts grow, work and prefer to work in our hospital with a working environment that enables employees to use and develop their potential at the highest level.
  • To make studies to develop hospital automation system, to make suggestions according to the situations encountered, to share these developments with other hospitals to provide positive benefits.
  •  We will continuously improve our infrastructure with the latest technologies in order to increase the efficiency, quality and efficiency of our services by following the developments in technology together with the new hospital building.
  • Turkey and to monitor the development of health services in the world continuously, standards have been internationally accepted methods and practices to bring our country to contribute actively to the development of medicine, the development of new business models in health care delivery, and we always aim to be a leader and example of the innovations that make a difference.
  •  As in the treatment services, we will be a pioneer and an example with the business models we will create in health protection.