Nursing Services
18 Eylül 2019

Our hospital as nursing services; patient / employee safety and satisfaction in the foreground service concept; full day continuous nursing service is provided by independent, scientific basis and effective use of information technologies.

All our nurses are in a decisive position to be a good team work, high quality care and advocate for patient rights. 

I believe that we will provide much better services with our nurses' talents and management that supports us.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our colleagues for their contribution to our goals.

Our mission

To provide nursing services to meet the needs of all individuals who receive service from our hospital, to provide them with the necessary training, to provide nursing services within the framework of patient rights and medical ethics by continuously increasing the quality of service and care.

Our vision

To be a nurse group that contributes to the educating of healthy individuals who maintain a high level of reliable patient satisfaction with a total quality management approach that reflects the modern medical technology rapidly and efficiently to the system.