T.C. Sağlık Bakanlığı İstanbul İl Sağlık Müdürlüğü Göztepe Prof. Dr. Süleyman Yalçın Şehir Hastanesi

Accompanying Guide

Patient Dining Hours: 

Morning:  06: 00-07: 00  
Meals:  10:00 
Lunch:  11: 45-13: 30 
Meal:  15:00 
Dinner:  18: 00-19: 00 
Snack:  22 Between 00:00. 

Rules Complying with the Companions:
  • During the morning cleaning and physician visit the service waiting room should be reached and the service should not be entered until it is finished.
  • The patient should not be placed in the beds in terms of health, comfort and cleanliness of the patients.
  • Companion exchange is between 13.00-15.00 hours.
  • Food should not be brought to the hospital, patients should not be kept in the food ethics for the patient.
  • No objects should be thrown out of the windows.
  • Patient rooms should be kept clean and tidy. Garbage should be thrown into the garbage bin, toilet paper, pet and so on. foreign objects should not be discarded.
  • Hospital materials should not be harmed.
  • Equipment that is connected to the patient (serum, monitor, oxygen etc.) should not be intervened. If necessary, health personnel should be called.
  • The attendance of the accompanying companions shall be met by the institution within the general principles.
  • Smoking is prohibited in hospitals as required by Law no. Criminal sanctions will be applied to smokers.
  • It is determined by the physician of the patient whether the patient is required or not. The companion is limited to a single person and the companion must comply with all hospital rules.

REFACTOR EXCHANGE HOURS Between 13.00-15.00 hours.